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Plan for Success


Think about that… 

When it comes to dealing with investors for your company, a bank, private investor, or crowdfunding, have you planned ahead of time?  Have you outlined your 12 month, 3 year, 5 year, and eventual exit strategy plan?  Have you put together your SUBJECTIVE story that is backed up by OBJECTIVE facts?  These are just some of the issues a business owner needs to plan for when seeking investors

Are you prepared to answer the above questions for investors? Shareholders? Banks?  If not or rather you are the person who does not like to deal with these type of conversations.  Have you thought of hiring someone to handle those phone calls, emails, and meetings?  


With over 13 years of fundraising and investor relations experience, David has seen it all from traditional bank funding to private investors to the ever changing landscape of crowd-funding.  He has worked with private and public companies, with needs of capital from as little as ten thousand dollars all the way up to eight figure deals.  He develops a strategic approach customized to your business goals.  David’s expertise lays in the ‘how to’ best propose your plan and close the deal. 

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