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David’s WOD*: Inspirational Quotes Are Stronger Than Coffee

Morning motivation (no cream or sugar necessary) is a great way to help you start your day.

People who know me know that I didn’t drink coffee for a long time. Just wasn’t my cup of tea. But as I found myself in the more charged and passionate environment at Pazoo, that changed, Still not an avid drinker, but I can feel the boost it gives me and helps me get my day off the ground. But you know what has always been a part of my mornings and days, for as long as I can remember? Inspirational quotes. I know it may sound silly, but once you bring them into your life and truly believe them, they kickstart your day even better than the caffeine in a good cup of java.

Jumpstart The Soul

Coffee is the fuel most use to energize the body. It is like putting a key into the ignition and turning it so the car will run. But do you know what you need to start before you even start your car? Your mind! You need to get the cogs of the brain moving again after waking up. You need something meaningful that touches your soul and reminds you why you do this every day. Something that ignites the fire burning inside you.

Hell, a good quote acts like gasoline and makes that fire burn even bigger and brighter.

Find Your Perfect Inspirational Quote

Yes, there is a perfect quote for you out there. It depends on your soul and what drives you and what pushes you even further. I have a bevvy of quotes I pull from on a regular basis when I need a swift kick in the ass (and a kick that coffee cannot quite provide). Some quotes remind me why I chose to get into this business. Some quotes remind me of the fire I felt in my when I was younger.

And some quotes just act like a drill sergeant and push me further when I feel like falling over.

A Few Of My Favorite Inspirational Quotes
“All heart, all the way.”

To me, this quote says that you need to put your all into everything. You cannot half-ass anything and still expect to get results you would be proud enough to share with the world. Anyone can perform, but heart is what makes the difference in how that performance is received and perceived by others. Just seems like something someone would yell at Rocky right before he is about to lose a fight, and those very words could turn that around. That is why I love it so much.

“Rise above it.”

Again, very simple, right? But that is why it hits its target so perfectly. Rise above it, to me, means everyone struggles. It means the tide rises for every single person, but you HAVE to keep treading water and rising above it or else you will sink.

I also see this as being a quote about “haters.” Haters are the people who stand off to the side yelling things and trying to distract you from your dreams. You need to rise above that and not let it swallow you if you ever plan on succeeding.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

This Marianne Williamson quote might be my very favorite of all. It says so much about us as people, and does so in such a simple and straightforward way. We all know we are capable of great things. But it is US who hold us back from those things. We allow the little voice of insecurity to speak louder than our dreams and passions. And when we do that, the insecurity wins.

The moment we realize that we, ourselves, are our biggest obstacle in life, we can immediately leap that obstacle. Sometimes, we need to use the inspirational words of others to help us see what is right in front of our faces.

In closing, anyone can drink coffee to wake up the body. But a great inspirational quote wakes up the soul and kickstarts the mind.

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