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Medical Cannabis - Modern Way to Treat Chronic Pain

Do you know what “U.C.S.” stands for? (No, it’s not a texting acronym, skin condition, or University in California.) U.C.S is a term I’ve been using in my public lectures, business presentations, networking groups, and treating my clients. Its meaning is not only timely; it’s an important conversation starter and rallying cry that can make the difference between wellness and peril for tens of millions of people. U.C.S = “Use Cannabis Safely!”

Ready Or Not, Here It Is

Whether you’re a supporter of cannabis for medical treatment or not, the reality is that medical cannabis is now legal in 29 states and D.C., with legislation currently pending in 12 additional states. Over time, it is very possible that your friends, neighbors, family members, colleagues, employees, and even you, will try medical cannabis for pain-or-stress relief, or to treat a more serious condition.

While ancient civilizations have used cannabis for thousands of years, our society has spent decades maligning “marijuana, pot, weed, dope, grass, skunk, etc.” as evil and dangerous. So in effect, in the U.S., cannabis is a new medicine. I often refer to it as modern-day penicillin. (After Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, skeptics kept it from saving lives until 1942. Fleming was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1945, proving that acceptance can change things quickly!).

Now’s The Time For U.C.S.

We’re all appalled by the deadly opioid overdose epidemic that’s haunting our nation. How did opioids get so far out of control? Before they made headlines, did physicians warn patients about the horrific dangers they prescribed? About overuse? About the probability of addiction? About keeping it away from children? About recognizing side effects and avoiding drug interactions? In fact, the 198,000 Americans who died from overdoses were related to prescription opioid use from 1999 to 2016.

As medical cannabis grows in acceptance and use, people young and old, need a solid foundation not based on old-school fear, but on modern thinking. That’s what U.C.S. is all about.

What Do I Know?

Over the last several years, I have been in a unique position to help develop and support the U.C.S. platform. I spent 14 years as a physical therapist treating Olympic, professional and amateur athletes, as well as countless “civilian” injuries. I have been a successful entrepreneur in the health and wellness sector, and a speaker at a range of medical meetings and events. For the last four years I have been immersed in the medical cannabis testing lab community – promoting safety in cannabis cultivation, production and dispensing.

From 2013 through 2015, I focused on educating people and professionals on the successes and potential of cannabis as an alternative medicine. The objective was to turn long-ingrained prejudices into positive impressions and more open-mindedness. More recently, with nationwide legalization imminent, more and more people are seeking reliable information on how to access safe and consistent medical cannabis. And most importantly, how to use it properly and effectively to treat themselves and their children.

Just Say “U.C.S.”

“Use Cannabis Safely” is a catchy and positive program for the millions of people who will be choosing and consuming cannabis as a medicine for the first time ever, or for new and different uses. U.C.S. promotes basic facts, key benefits, possible side effects, and much more. It will help teachers, professionals and parents break the ice and talk with one voice about smart, responsible and effective consumption.

Think about the awareness generated by “Don’t drink and drive” – the long-running campaign that promotes the deadly consequences of alcohol. U.C.S. has similar awareness goals, but on a much more positive side, teaching people how to “Take your medical cannabis and thrive!”


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