Do you know the difference between a “vision statement” and a “mission statement” for your company? Do you properly motivate your employees?  How often do you have productive team meetings?  What is the message YOU are providing to your employees?  David's proven T.O.P.S.²  formula will help to answer these questions and many more, so that you too can achieve leadership success. 

David is the winner of the prestigious Alfred Sloan Award for workplace programs and flexibility.  Over the last six years David has trained and mentored dozens of individuals as employees and business professionals; eleven individuals mentored by David went on to open their own businesses and over twenty individuals have excelled to  senior level managers.  David created a system where he teaches companies how to inspire their employees to perform at their greatest potential.  David’s system creates a work atmosphere where the employee WANTS to come to work and WANTS to succeed.  Employees working at their highest potential allows the employer the ability to take their business to the next level.

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